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Flutter App Development Company

At moola we build beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web and desktop from a single codebase using Google’s UI toolkit - Flutter

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Flutter helps us to efficiently deliver pixel perfect cross-platform applications in half the usual development time that are:

Core Services

App Development

We offer the full life cycle of application development taking your concept from an idea to a working product with ongoing development and support. We recommend Flutter because it provides cross-platform application development so that you can target every device with one technology.

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App Development

Targeting every device with one technology extends the reach of your application making it accessible to a much wider audience who can access it from any device between a smart watch and your fridge - which is pretty cool.

We recommend Flutter for its rapid development capability, native performance, flexible UI and simple logic which reduces coding effort and time to market.


Ideation is the process of identifying and learning about your target audience, the problem you are trying to solve and coming up with solutions. In this phase we work closely with you helping innovation to thrive in the discovery of the groundbreaking solution that your users will love.



Together we’ll brainstorm with open minds, creating solutions, building on great ideas to formulate the perfect product. We’ll challenge assumptions and established beliefs to reveal fresh perspectives from blue sky thinking.


We build wire-frame models for you to test the proposed solution and clarify business logic before committing to development. This enables us to fix issues quickly and cost effectively. Flutter uses its own Material design to provide consistent interfaces, using the same buttons, widgets, and frames for all devices including iOS and Android.

Ui pt 1 Ui pt 2


With a similar cross-platform experience it is easier for users with multiple devices to switch between their phone, tablet and desktop without confusion.

Product Design

We design world class applications customising Flutter widgets to represent your brand as you require. The designs are converted into pixel perfect implementations with smooth animations and transitions. Flutter’s animation support in Material Component Widgets come with standard motion effects which we can easily customise to meet the needs of your project. Well-designed animations will make your application feel more intuitive adding to the slick look and feel.

 Product design image


With a variety of feature rich widgets available to customise, Flutter provides the tools to cost efficiently develop prototypes that work across multiple device types, aiding product demonstrations and investment pitches.

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For startup companies and product innovators Flutter provides a brilliant platform on which to build and release product iterations on a regular basis. This enables us to work together analysing behaviour learned from Google Analytics and custom events in Firebase. We can use analytics to A/B test and introduce new features with confidence, based on observed user behaviour.


We can be part of your journey starting with your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), developing new features as required and helping you to reach perfection, on a monthly contract tailored to meet your needs including development and support hours. Other arrangements are available as you require.


There are occasions where we can partner providing development services at a reduce rate in exchange for equity and or revenue share. If you have an idea that you would like to discuss on this basis - let’s schedule a call.

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Family - Dynamic Team - We learn from our own projects

We love creating, innovating, improving and working on client projects as well as our own.

We love people, love life and having fun, but there’s a serious side to our fun too as we’re very serious about having fun and enjoying client projects. Delivering value and creating innovative solutions feeds our addiction to create.

Family - Dynamic Team - We learn from our own projects

With a track record of creating our own businesses and successfully delivering well thought out solutions, we’re the perfect partner for entrepreneurs and startups as we will share your vision and match your passion to see it through to production.

We develop our own applications in Flutter which brings experience that we learnt at our expense and not at yours. This makes us stand out from the crowd.

Our record of innovation and success stretches back years and isn’t limited to software. For example: The Theodolites - which is a virtual band we assembled to create music with people we’d never met. We had some success when we were played on Radio 1. Checkout The Theodolites Facebook Page.

We pioneered the Virtual Hotel with VH48 which provided buy-to-let landlords with a lucrative hotel style letting service to increase their income by providing short term lets. Sanderson Weatherall partnered with us and were mentioned in numerous publications including The Sunday Times and Manchester evening News.

We’re a family. We discuss projects and ideas round the clock - anytime of the day and any day of the week. If something needs working on - we wok on it now.

Meet the Family

Family makes us stronger. We think a like, we know each others strengths and there are no egos, no points to be scored and no politics.

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Meet the Family

We have a track record of success and we work in an innovative way. We manage your projects, we work with you in ideation and brainstorming. We offer you ideas and concepts that may go beyond further than you thought was possible as we did with Ocuco Ltd when we created their online booking diary as a one-line install widget managed through a control panel giving Ocuco the capability to manage the diary of hundreds of Opticain Practices world-wide.

And so much more.


Cost Effective. The Flutter development framework is quicker than its competitors. It takes about half the time to develop a cross-platform mobile application using Flutter than to develop for each platform natively because Flutter is single source. Reduced development time means reduced development cost as well as being quicker to market.

This is huge benefit to startups who need a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for investment purposes and demonstrations that work cross-platform. Flutter makes MVP app development prompt and cheap without compromise.

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High Quality. Flutter widgets provide a superb user interface (UI) that compares favourably against React Native and Xamarin. The way Flutter renders makes it stand out from the crowd delivering consistency across all platforms.

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High Performance. Flutter offers native performance. Your application will run as if it had been coded separately for iOS and Android. This is crucial to user experience when transitioning between screens, scrolling and during complex animations which adds to the feeling of perceived quality.

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Robust. Flutter’s robust cross-platform development framework encompasses almost everything we need to build high-performance apps with great agility, while minimising costs for businesses from a range of industries.

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Business Solutions. There’s a growing list of organisations working with Flutter. There are millions of developers and tens of thousands of apps that have been built for all industries.

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